How to Sell a House Without a Realtor

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You have probably seen signs throughout neighborhoods all over the world touting the phrase, “We will buy your house.” That just seems too convenient. There has to be a catch. To you, it might sound like a scam. But it’s not.

Learning how to sell a house without a realtor can be a stressful event. For one, it’s hard to even figure out where or how to begin when you want to sell your home. From there, you need to find a realtor and then watch as your once beloved home gets scrutinized down to the foundation.That is what makes websites like We Get Properties a viable option for the overwhelmed, the fed-up, and those too busy to be bothered with selling their house.

The Pains of Selling a House

The worst part of selling a house is getting it on the market. You first have to find a realtor that you can trust. After all you have invested in your house, someone else is going to come in and make the profit. When picking a realtor you must always keep in mind that their intent is to make money.They might just settle for a price to make a sale and move on with their day.

From there, the realtor may also demand that you make some fixes before the house is show-worthy. Not only are you now paying for someone to sell your asset, but you’re being forced to repair items you didn’t repair for yourself while you lived there. Now you have to do it for someone else to enjoy? All of this will get you what? An extra $20 on the asking price?

Then there is the showing process. You have to allow people to come in and out of your house, touching the things you still own. You watch as they cringe at your wallpaper choice. The whole process feels very…invasive.

Sell Your House Without a Realtor: A Less Invasive Approach

The biggest perk of websites like We Get Properties is that we buy your house “as-is.” There’s no nitpicking on how shiny your pots and pans are. You can have a huge hole in the roof. These are the problems of the next owner, not you.

We offer you a price. There’s no unrealistic listings that get your hopes up only to crush them a couple years down the line with a low offer. If you don’t like the price, you are free to say “no,” and look for other means of selling your house.

Being as the house is being purchased “as-is,” almost every house gets sold. Plus, there isn’t the whole negotiation and dragged-out closing process. For We Get Properties, closings take around 4 days and we cover the cost. Housing buying companies pay you cash quickly and take the pressure of owning the house off of your plate.

Things to Consider

While this is a stress-free approach, selling your house to a house buying company doesn’t come without its share of downsides that need to be considered before entering into the agreement. Sites that buy your house are not looking for negotiations. The intention is to pay you cash for your headaches and you sign the asset over to the company.

If you are willing to make repairs to the house and get as much as you can for the place, then you are better off listing. It will take a lot longer and you might have to come down with your initial price, but at the end of the day you will feel like you have more control over the situation.

Finding a Company You Can Trust

While working with a realtor, it may seem like they have their best interest at heart because you are working face-to-face. Therefore, the idea of a house buying company may feel a bit cold. That being said, it is true. Just like the case with some realtors, not every company will have your best interest in heart.

Those are the types that are a flash in the pan. Our dedication to quick and fair pay has keep us going for 26 years. We look forward to doing the same for you.

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