Why Selling Your House Stinks

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It’s never easy selling your home. First and foremost, if you purchased a home, you probably had intentions of being there for a while.

Memories were probably built in those very four walls. If you are looking to sell, there can be a multitude of reasons why. While a growing family or new job opportunities are positive and exciting, that might not be the case for everyone.

Whatever your reasoning for selling your house is, across the board the process absolutely…stinks!

That’s right. After you deal with all the emotional baggage of selling a house, you must now deal with tons of more baggage that comes along with selling a house. Here’s a few things to look out for you if decide to put your house up on the market.

Showings Lead to Groaning

There is nothing worse than someone going through your house. They are looking to drop what is a substantial amount of money to them on something that has no emotional value so far.

However, they are looking at your place as an emotional investment. So, they’re going to nitpick.

Just like you did, the people trying to purchase your home are trying to picture a life for themselves there. So, they might make a few off-handed comments that could possibly sting your feelings like, “What an ugly chandelier,” or “This wallpaper has to go.”

Little did they know that was your Great Aunt’s chandelier and your child picked out the wallpaper.

So once you deal with the insults while potential buyers try to envision themselves in your house, you must then help them with the vision. This might mean taking down family portraits, removing some pieces of furniture, and constantly keeping the place clean.

What also comes with showings are no-shows. House buyers are flaky. They have a million things going on and don’t realize, or care, that your time is being held up.

Just because you live there doesn’t mean they can drop by unannounced, nor should they not come when they say they will. However, it will happen. It is inevitable. It is the human race at its worst.

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You Need to Fix Things

There are so many things you put off doing when you live in a house. For instance, you went forever with that electrical short in the basement. You always had to walk around with a flashlight whenever you went down those stairs.

Well, in order to sell the house, you need to update the electricity. How much do you wish that you just made this fix years ago?

Now you’ve spruced up the basement for the entire lifetime of people that may potentially buy the property while you lived in subpar conditions for years.

It’s a game of two steps forward, one step back. You are making improvements to the house so you can sell it for more. However, the costs of selling it continue to increase.

Whether it be to cut down a dying tree or get rid of a dilapidated shed, there will always be demands from potential buyers that will cost you more to sell for just a little more.

Where Do You Put All the Little Ones?

Showings can also cost you babysitting and dog-sitting fees. If you have an Open House, then people are coming in and out all day. This would obviously upset any four-legged critter.

However, putting them outside would not be the answer. What if some people need to check out the backyard while others go upstairs? That scenario is a lawsuit waiting to happen.

Then there’s the kids. They will be bored to tears not being able to blast the television and beat each other up. If you decide to vacate the premises for the day, it may lead to a costly family day out.

If the first open house isn’t a success, then more days herding your little ones around are in the horizon.

The Solution to Selling Your Home

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