Finding a Buyer For Your Home

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You already know how competitive the housing market is if you’re trying to sell your home. So, keeping the largest possible pool of buyers in mind is the best strategy for selling your home. The more potential buyers you get, the more likely you are to acquire valuable offers for your house.

You will want to likely appeal to more than one group of potential buyers, highlighting other factors such as your home’s architectural designs, location, and price.  Everyone knows that attracting home buyers is the key to selling your home, which is why being flexible to subtle home improvements and price negotiations can make your house more appealing.

This is just the first step in your home selling process and is fundamental when attracting buyers in order to increase your chances of a successful sale. In today’s housing market, it’s important to customize your home improvements to fit your home’s target market.

The main key to effectively selling, preparing and marketing your home is to consider some of the following strategies for finding the right buyer for your home.

Settle on a strategy

You will have to make up your mind on how you’re going to handle various situations when selling your home. For example when you have offers from more than one buyer. You can manage this type of situation with the help of a listing agent because an agent can negotiate on your behalf while helping you to select the right offer. In addition, if you’re independently working on selling your home, also called for sale by owner, then the burden of selecting the right buyers falls on your shoulders.

To handle multiple offers you can start by telling them of your pending offers and that you’re accepting offers on a first-come, first-serve basis. Next suggest that they make their best offers and know that you’re considering multiple offers at the moment. To help drive up the price of your home, during negotiations with the buyers you might want to make a counteroffer. Counteroffers provide an opportunity to create leverage, a sense of urgency, and a series of ground rules that the buyer should follow in order for you to take their offer seriously.

Share the advantages of being Cash Buyer

Let the buyer know that you’re open to a reduction of your home price for those who pay in full up front. But there are also other benefits for buyers in addition to improved pricing:

  • Due to the underlying loan, there are no restrictions on title transfer
  • No more mortgage fee
  • Faster sale and closing on the house
  • Eliminated most financial security concerns

Identify the benefits of flexibility in timing

Your goal is to get to the closing stage of a sale as quickly as possible. Leaving little to chance or error should be your immediate concern when you have a buyer on the hook. It’s a good idea to prioritize the buyers who are willing to close their purchase within a few weeks compared to someone who just want to wait a couple of months before becoming the new owner of your home.

Finally, you can also imagine the scary unpredictability when your buyer says that they have to sell their old house before they purchase yours. If you find it’s hard for you to decide between various offers, keeping an eye on the timing of the buyer’s intent to close their purchase should be their tie breaker.

Consider the fewest concessions possible

When weighing multiple offers, the price should not be the only factor you have to consider. Considering the kinds of concessions which the buyers might want you to support could very well be thought of as a deal breaker.

As a seller, it’s easier for you if your buyer concessions are few and far between. For example, having a buyer who insists on you having to fork over a large percentage towards their closing costs can eat into your profits. Make sure you weed out the last second concessions and demands that some frugal buyers might impose.

It’s tricky when you’re deciding between handfuls of offers for your house. It’s best to look at the big picture and select the most qualified individual whose offer is not too far below your expectations. Moreover, you want to provide an environment that limits unexpected concessions on your part, while guaranteeing a quick path to closing your sale.

By weeding out the troublemakers or the penny-pinchers, this will help give you a clear path towards the buyers who truly love your house. This exposes those who want you to spend your valuable time and a small fortune on adjustments that may not even result in the sale of your house.

Always remember that your home may not be perfect but it still has tremendous value to a buyer who is interested in it. You have to be prepared to make counteroffers, find reasonable buyers with few concessions and remember that different states have different real estate laws. Finding the right buyer can take months on end, so remember that if you want to sell now visit to sell your house for cash in less than 14 days as-is. To learn more contact us at We Get Properties, your cash for home experts.

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