Get Your House Ready for Selling

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The easiest part of getting your house ready for selling is deciding that you want to sell it. Now comes the hard part…actually making money off of your home! One of the keys to selling your house is to make it so that you never existed.

People looking to purchase your house to turn it into their own home want to envision their family inside, not yours.

However, until you sell the house, you will still most likely be living inside of it. So, there’s a fine line that you need to walk where you are still comfortable living inside of your house, but others can see themselves moving in as well.

Need assistance finding that sweet balance? We can help. Here are some tips to get your property ready to sell.

Pretty Up the Lawn

You only get one chance to make a first impression. The same can be said for your house. When people arrive to check out the insides, they need to do so through the outside.

Therefore, you are going to want to make sure that the landscaping is pristine.

At least mow the lawn. However, there are a bunch of little things you can do to your landscape to help increase your chances of selling your house.

Do odd jobs (or hire someone to) such as pruning the bushes, weeding the garden, planting flowers, and cutting down any dead/dying trees.

Tend to the House’s Exterior

Remember the first impression bit? Still holds true. Not only does your potential buyer not want to walk through a jungle to get to your house, but they also want to make sure the house will still be standing once they get inside.

The exterior of your house makes a statement not only to the buyer, but the whole neighborhood as well.

If the outside is rendered in filth, it’s safe to assume that the inside isn’t exactly sparkling either. Be sure to take care of odds and ends such as cleaning out the gutter and pressure washing the siding.

Make it More Welcoming

They still haven’t gotten inside yet, but you still have time to grab their attention. Make the front door a more inviting entrance. A little gesture such as painting the door with a fresh coat will go a long way in attracting buyers.

If you decide to touch up the door, be sure to give it a nice contrast with the rest of the house’s colors. That will make the house stand out from the curbside.

For an additional touch, add a “Welcome” mat. Can’t get much more welcoming than allowing people to rub the dirt off of their feet on a new mat with a sweet message!

Make the Repairs Now

Who knows what is wrong with your house better than you? After all, you’ve stared at the holes in the walls, taped up the broken window, and took the batteries out of the beeping smoke detectors.

Unless you are selling your house “as-is” to a company like We Get Properties, the chances that you will need to repair the things that you have been putting off are pretty high.

Buyers are already spending a nice chunk of change buying your house to begin with. They don’t want to have to do a boatload of repairs once the sale is final as well.

Mask the Smells

Even if your house is overrun by hormonal teenagers and pets, get the stench out. Nobody wants to walk into a stinky home, or buy one with the fear that smell will never go away.

If lighting a candle, running an essential oil diffuser, or buying flowers don’t work, try baking cookies or cleaning everything head-to-toe with a scented cleaner.

Whatever the case may be, you want the masking to be natural as well. The only thing that makes a bad smell worse is masking the odor with a worse smell.

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