How to Sell My House Fast in California

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If you are looking to sell your house in California fast, you are in for some stiff competition. California is home to many iconic landmarks and places such as the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco to the Hollywood sign in LA to the dry Mojave Desert.

Stretching from one end of America to the other, California is a melting pot of cultures, people, and land.

From the snowy peaks of Mount Whitney to the sunbathing seals of San Diego, the Golden State has it all.

And somewhere among all of this beauty, culture, and horrible traffic is your house.

There are several reasons why selling your house in California can be a challenge. However, some of those reasons are also why your house could be in high demand with potential buyers.

There are hundreds upon thousands of beautiful homes in ideal locations popping up on the market everyday.

Heck, maybe your house is already one of those on that list, lost in the ever-growing shuffle. Perhaps that listing has left you asking your exasperated self, “How do I sell my house fast in California?”

If you are looking to sell your house fast in California, it could be a bit of a challenge. However, we may be able to help you. Here’s the two pathways to selling your house fast in California:

Selling your house in California can be very profitable.

Pick the Right Realtor

Realtors could be a lot like public defenders. They are oftentimes spinning too many plates at once. Therefore, not every case they get (or house they sell) will get the attention that it deserves.

When picking a realtor, there are a couple different directions the situation may go. So, it is good to be prepared for either scenario. For one, the realtor might want to milk your house for everything it is worth. While that sounds great, that will mean additional work (and expense) for you.

A realtor looking to milk your place for every cent will insist you patch all the holes, replace all the screens, and update all the electrical. This could be costly….especially at California prices!

From there, the realtor will then hire an appraiser and an inspector who will also do these things. Before you know it, you might need to take a second mortgage out to finance the repairs you are making so you can get out of your first mortgage!

That’s just a worst-case scenario. The middle case scenario is they are too busy to care. They’ll settle for whatever deal comes their way, convince you it’s the best thing going, and you will get something below what you desired. But hey, you didn’t go broke like scenario 1.

Finally, the best case scenario, you found the right realtor! Congrats. With the 184,000 realtors and 101,000 active brokers licensed to sell houses in California, that is quite the feat.

Sell Your House As-Is

If you are truly at your wit’s end selling your house and are tired of wondering, “How do I sell my house fast in California?” We have a legitimate solution that does not involve a realtor. You can sell the house as-is.

What as-is means is exactly what you think. You can leave the outdated electrical in place, keep the broken screen door unhinged, and continue to neglect the weeds overtaking your garden.

Companies that pay cash for your house don’t care about those shortcomings or sometimes about your house appraisal.

At We Get Properties, we are the answer to the ever-present question, “How do I sell my house fast in California.” In up to 27 days, your house will be sold. No questions asked.

If you have time, patience, and thick skin then it might be in your best interest to find the right realtor for you. However, if you really want to sell your house fast in California, then as-is is the easiest way to go.

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