How to Sell Your House When Nobody Wants It

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Your house has been up for sale for quite a while. You have come to the realization. “Nobody wants to buy my house.”

It’s a sad, but unfortunately, true statement. However, once you fall off that horse you can get back on. Just because nobody wants your house does not mean that you are stuck with it.

Try these few last ditch efforts to selling your home. If you’ve given it your all and are considering giving up, we might just have the perfect option for you to sell your house.

Improve The Photos on Your Listing

Your listing is your house’s first introduction to people. Everything may look immaculate on the inside of your house, but if people aren’t taking the time to read the listing, they will never see your home.

For one, use high quality photos. Nobody likes to go on a date with somebody that doesn’t look like their profile pic. Same thing here.

There’s thousands of listings out there…with clearer pictures. Nobody will take the time to check out your property if you won’t take the time snap a decent picture of it.

Even the most undesirable house can be sold.

Work on Your Listing’s Description

Now that they can see the house for themselves, paint a picture of what they can’t see by using your words. Be descriptive but concise.

Make your house sound like the answer to all their hopes and dreams without projecting any personal attachment. This is a fine line to walk, but if you can master it, you will tug on the heartstrings of potential buyers.

Also, make a snappy headline. Besides the picture, a strong headline may be the first thing that any potential buyer will see. If you don’t pull them into that delicious description, they will never know the wonders that your house has to offer.

Make a Promotional Video

This is a great tool to give the buyer a real-life experience in your house. There are certain aspects about your house that give it an unique charm that can’t be captured in a single snapshot.

However, walking them through the deep walk-in closet, or showing potential buyers the many settings your hot tub has to offer may entice them to buy.

These days, you can DIY this endeavor. However, be sure to use a high pixel phone. The latest smartphone is a good choice. Just remember, this isn’t about you or going viral. You are doing this to sell your house.

Virtual tours are extremely popular on real estate websites. Try checking out a few to get an idea of what works and what doesn’t.

That way you save yourself from embarrassment on camera and save time on your schedule by making a poor quality video that didn’t help you sell your house.

Take a Price Cut

Sometimes it is what is. Nobody wants to buy your house. Even if you have done everything in your power, the only way to get rid of it is to take a huge price cut.

The best way to strategize this for success is to decide the lowest amount you are willing to accept. Add a few thousand onto that number and add an OBO at the end. OBO stands for “or best offer.” Then hope that some buyer will hit your lowball amount.

We Know Somebody Who Will Buy Your House

 There’s always somebody out there for someone. The same can be said for your house. Companies like We Get Properties will buy your house when nobody else wants it. Warts and all.

We will pay you cash and within 27 days your house is sold. When it’s all said and done, you probably will wish that you had just done this sooner.

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