When is the Right Time to Sell Your House

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As if you haven’t already figured it out, to sell your house is tough. From hiring a realtor to creating a listing to getting an appraisal, there’s a lot of work that goes into the process.

Each one of these aforementioned factors has a significant impact on how much money you will get when you decide to sell your house.

However, there is one important factor that you must take into consideration that might increase your odds of selling your house for the price that you are asking for…and quick. That factor is figuring out when it is the right time to sell your house.

There will never be a clear, definitive answer as to when it will be the right time to sell your house. Even the shiniest of crystal balls can’t predict what will happen tomorrow.

However, there is a time of year that seems to work better than any other. That is where we are here to help. Read on as we help you pinpoint when the right time to sell your house should be.

Pick Your Month Wisely

A study recently conducted by online house realtor, Zillow.com, found that the best time to sell your house quickly is between mid-March and mid-April.

That is just as winter is coming to a close and spring is kicking into gear. The reason being is that people want to be situated in their homes by the end of spring and ready to go by the time the dog days of summer hits.

Also, children play a big role in this decision. If people are looking to move locations, they most likely wait until their child finishes out the school year.

Yanking your child out of school in the middle of the year and situating them into a new classroom will make it harder for the child to adjust to their new environment.

The reason why mid-March to mid-April is so popular is because most house closings take around 60 days. Two months after these prime bidding months and school will be out of session.

There will be plenty of time for the child to get acclimated to their new home, and they will be ready to start the school year come August or September.

Finding the right time to sell your house takes time and patience.

Don’t Count Out the Summer

While mid-March and mid-April are the top months to purchase a home, don’t lose hope in the summer if you are still on the market. With the winter frost gone and flowers blooming, you can showcase your house better than ever.

Summertime hours makes showings easier as well. The days are longer. Therefore, people are more comfortable going to a later showing. This makes it easier to schedule around work for those who want to buy as well as those looking to sell.

Is Right Now an Option?

If no time ever seems like the right time to sell your house, then the only other answer is now. Selling your house doesn’t need to be an exact science.

If you are looking to sell and want to do it as quick as possible, there are companies looking to take that burden off of your hands.

We Get Properties offers you cash for your house. If you missed the mid-March to mid-April deadline, it’s no big deal. Even in the dead of winter, We Get Properties will purchase your house.

The best part? Instead of the 66 days that it takes on average to close, closings with We Get Properties only takes up to 27 days.

There’s no last minute requests for repairs, numerous appraisals, or countless showings. One offer and the house is off the market.

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