New Amazon Headquarters Can Exacerbate Housing Crisis in Nashville

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It has been announced that Amazon is considering Nashville, Tennessee as one of the 20 finalists that the company is considering for their second headquarters in North America.

The news came as a wonderful surprise to city leaders. The opportunity is seen as a step-up for the great city to transform into a national economic force.

While this would open to business opportunities, a lot of people are not happy with the news as it would be a hit to the on-going housing crisis in the area.

With Amazon in the city, this would invite more people, which would lead to more traffic and higher rents in the area. This would be an additional burden to the struggling affordability of housing in the area.

“With the onslaught of new people, with the onslaught of higher-income earners, I just think it’s going to further exacerbate what’s already a crisis situation,” says Paulette Coleman, a local affordable-housing advocate.

Zillow also analyzed that rents in Nashville can potentially rise 3.3% annually should the new Amazon campus lands in the city. This would translate to residents paying $400 more in monthly rent.

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