Looking to Sell Your House? Here’s the A to Z’s

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Are you thinking of selling your house in the fall? Time crunch got you Googling things ike, “Selling house is stressing me out?” If you’re not sure what happens when you sell a house, we have a crash course on house selling for dummies…just for you. We will cover everything from how to find someone who sells houses to the average number of showings to sell a house. Trust us, when it’s all said and done you will know how to sell an empty house fast.

So, if you are looking to sell your house, here’s the A to Z’s!

Set a Time Table

The laws of manifestation are true…especially when you are looking to sell your house. If you are thinking of selling your house in the fall, having a time crunch over your head can have you yelling, “This is whole thing about selling house is stressing me out!”

However, don’t get stressed. Goals are meant to help you by putting you on a track. Setting a goal is the first step to achieving.

Many studies have found that writing something down is a surefire way to manifest anything you desire. So if you are wondering how to sell an empty house fast, this the way to do it.

Write on a piece of paper that you are selling your house in the fall. Then put it in a place where you can see it everyday.

That way you won’t keep putting off the things that you need to do to sell your house. Not sure what happens when you sell a house, so you don’t know what these things are? Keep reading!

Find Someone Who Sells Houses

If you’re unsure of what happens when you sell a house, your best bet is to enlist in a pro. You should find someone who sells houses.

That way they can do all the dirty work and deal with all the legalities.

By bringing on someone who sells houses, they can answer all the questions you have no clue about such as the average number of showing to sell a house. (Pro tip, don’t get discouraged after 3 or 4 bad showings. The average number of showings to sell a house hovers around 10).

Once you have found someone who sells houses, heed their advice. They know the demographic of your neighborhood.

If they suggest switching out lighting, updating appliances, or throwing on a fresh coat of paint, do it. This is House Selling for Dummies 101. Without a good teacher, you wouldn’t know these things. So, trust your realtor.

Make Changes

Now that you hired a pro, listen to them. Your realtor might want you to do things that you don’t want to, such as get a new roof, pave the driveway, or put up a fence. However, a $2,000 job can add double that onto the asking price.

When someone moves into a house, they don’t want to deal with issues. They want to move in and live in bliss for a few months before the trials and tribulations of owning a house start to kick in.

If someone is inheriting your issues, they are most certainly going to ask for a reduced price.

The street goes two ways. If you are looking to reimburse yourself for the hard work you have done to your house by upping the price, you need to make these improvements worth your perceived value.

Then, a buyer won’t think twice about dishing out more money. However, if you expect to sell them a house with semi-expensive jobs on the horizon, the potential buyer will factor those costs into what they are willing to pay.

how do I sell my houseKnowing when it’s time to sell is just the start of the battle.

Get it Appraised

How would you ever know what your house is truly worth if an expert didn’t tell you? Sure, you can throw a number out there that you would like to make.

However, we have this thing called an ego. We conjure up a number we feel our house is worth and voila! The market is just supposed to agree.

Yeah, that’s not what happens when you sell a house. If you are looking to sell your house in the fall, you should be getting your property appraised as soon as possible.

The sooner you know what your asset’s true value is, the quicker you can get the ball rolling so you will be done selling your house in the fall.

When you get an appraisal, the appraiser will take into consideration so many factors that you would never consider. Anything from additions, to a pool, to a broken window can have an affect on the market value of your house.

However, just because one appraiser comes up with a value doesn’t mean that the price is set in stone. A crash course lesson in House Selling for Dummies 101, get it appraised three times by three different appraisers.

Just as we said you realtor’s eye is objective, so is an appraiser…and another one…and another one. You know how there’s two sides to every story and the truth lies somewhere in the middle?

The same can be said for selling your house. One realtor will come up with a value. A second one will as well. If they are on the same page, get a third opinion to make sure it is not a coincidence.

However, if all three run the gamut on the price spectrum, find the average. Add all three up and divide by three. This will be a good basis for a price tag on your house.

How to Handle the Showings

While the realtor will do all the legalities and the showings, it’s up to you to present your house.Your realtor is here to sell your house, not remodel it.

You are looking to get rid of your property, so you sometimes have to get your hands dirty too.

The best way to handle showings is to set your realtor up for success. Not only should you implement their suggestions, but make the house spotless.

While you may still live there, the person interested in buying your house needs to envision themselves there too.

That means, skedaddle. Don’t hang around for the showings. If you’re worried about your stuff being looted, that’s what the realtor is there for.

Hanging around will not only have you feeling like selling house is stressing me out, but your potential buyer will also be thinking this whole process is stressing them out too.

Dealing with Negotiations

The housing market is a big game of chess. Your house is the board. There is a lot of strategy that goes into coming up with the right price when you are looking to sell your house.

It gets especially complicated when you are unsure what happens when you sell a house. The negotiation process can throw you off your game, here’s a few strategies to hang with the pros:

  • Just like you needed thick skin for the realtor’s two cents…and then the showings…you’re going to need thick skin when you are negotiating on a closing price for your house.
  • What you think your house is worth is not the same for the next person. They have no idea what it’s like on Christmas morning at your house.
  • Potential buyers don’t care that your child took their first steps in the living room. They’ve never tasted the pancakes your spouse made in the kitchen on Sunday mornings.
  • You have your heart set on a price because you are emotionally invested in this property. However, the price you’ve put on your memories is not always what happens when you sell a house.

This is why you hired someone who sells houses. They have a better idea of what the house is really worth. They take into consideration the going price for everyone else on the street, the proximity to tourist attractions and the job market, and the nuts and bolts of your property.

Someone who sells houses is perfect to deal with the negotiations because they have an objective eye. They have no emotional attachment to your property, and know what is truly fair to either make you whole or a profit.

How to Sell an Empty House Fast

If you’ve already taken everything out and want to be done, then get on the showings wagon. Push the person you hired that sells houses to sell that house.

Otherwise, you can take an easier route. If you are looking into how to sell an empty house fast, you might want to sell it as-is. There are companies like We Get Properties who offer you cash for your property.

With this process, there is no need for exceeding the average number of showing to sell a house. If you are looking into selling your house in the fall and running short on time, then this is a full-proof plan.

If you’re all like selling house is stressing me out, stress no more. House selling for dummies 101 says the answer for how to sell an empty house fast is to sell it to us.

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