Graduating Senior Promoting Housing Affordability by Biking Across the Country

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Geneva Gondak is a College senior who is joining the non-profit group Bike & Build. Through this Philadelphia-based organization, she is able to raise awareness of the issue of housing affordability across the country.

Just two weeks after graduation, she will embark on a 75-day trip and will be biking on an average of 70 miles per day. They could also take part in the construction of affordable housing in locations around Portland, Oregon, Carbondale, Illinois, and in Charlottesville, Virginia.

“A few months ago, I was considering road tripping across the country,” she said. “But then I realized that biking across the country—I thought that was 80 times as cool.”

Director Sara Goldberg of Bike & Build says, “Affordable housing non-profits across the country can apply for grants and our teams actually get to sit down and choose where their grant money is going.”

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