US Government Sued Over Suspension of Racial Segregation Rule

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On grounds of not being effective, Trump’s administration has suspended the housing rule that is designed to discourage racial segregation across towns and cities in the country.

The rule was adopted under Obama’s administration sometime in 2015 and requires local governments to continue on assessing the existence of racial segregation. Subsequently, local officials are mandated to set targets that would help boost integration.

On Tuesday, May 8, housing activists sued the U.S. government in relation to the suspension of this protective ruling. They argued that the rule is crucial in encouraging local officials to continue to address issues related to racial segregation.

Madison Sloan, Texas Appleseed’s director and one of the groups filing the lawsuit said, “Ending racial segregation benefits everyone. Segregation is not an accident – it is the product of decades of intentional government policy.”

Texas Low Income Housing Information Service and the National Fair Housing Alliance are the two other entities who filed the case in federal court in Washington, D.C.

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