Midland, Texas Tops Realtor.com’s Home Market Ranking

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Midland, a town in West Texas just landed on Realtor.com’s hottest home market for the month of May.
As the energy industry rebounded, the demand for housing in the Permian Basin has surged in the previous year. In fact, it would only take 28 days for a Midland property to sell.
The Californian cities continue to dominate the monthly reports of Realtor.com.
Director of economic research for Realtor.com, Javier Vivas explained that “the Californian housing market has been hot for a long time – but may be too hot.”
“Our May hotness index further confirms we’re seeing that as prices in California continue to soar, people are increasingly looking elsewhere. As we continue into what we expect to be the hottest home-buying season in history, look for a wide variety of locales to remain red-hot.”
Included on the list are the cities of Buffalo, New York, Boston, and Columbus, Ohio.

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