Is Facebook Allowing Discriminating Ads?

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Facebook is once again facing another headache as the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) filed a complaint against the social media giant.

The complaint filed is related to the company’s advertising practices. A public investigation revealed that Facebook hasn’t completely fixed the problem, despite them updating their advertising policies. Currently, there are still discriminatory ads that still pass the review process of the company.

In the complaint filed by the federal government, “Facebook unlawfully discriminates by enabling advertisers to restrict which Facebook users receiving housing-related ads based on race, color, religion, sex, familial status, national origin, and disability. Facebook’s ad targeting tools then invite advertisers to express unlawful preferences by suggesting discriminatory options, and Facebook effectuates the delivery of housing-related ads to certain users and not others based on those users’ actual or imputed protected traits.”

The report further outlines that the social media platform “enables advertisers to discriminate.” The housing ads are only shown to men and women and are specifically removed to users whose interests include ‘assistance dog’, ‘deaf culture’, ‘parenting’, ‘religious interests’, and ‘childcare’ among others.

A Facebook representative explained that the company will “respond in court.”

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