Tracy Tutor Is Selling Her Luxury Home For $24 Million

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Tracy Tutor, the first female agent to ever dignify the show (Million Dollar Listing), resides in Los Angeles, California. She is currently looking to sell her adorable home. Her two-story home, which has 7 bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, a guest house, and every room with 20-foot ceilings, looks traditional from the street. But going into it, you will find her luxury home an amalgamation of fine colors and gorgeous finishes, where you will dream to live for the rest of your life.

She is selling her personal residence for $23.95 million— it is also million dollars listing in its own right. At first sight, the listing price of her luxury home seems to be awfully high. But when you go through below-mentioned features of the home, you’ll find it deserving for the listing price. Tracy Tutor’s elegant and modern 10,877 square foot home will endlessly appeal you for the following reasons.

Noble Appeal
Tracy’s home, designed by architect Steve Giannetti and built in 2008, looks simple from the street. Whereas the bluestone walkway, elegant flowering trees, and the tailored hedges dignify this beautiful mansion’s exterior.

A Towering Foyer
The two-story foyer, embellished with dark, wide-plank flooring and an elegant grand staircase, turns out the stunning entryway for guests.

The Billiards Room
Tracy Tutor’s royal like mansion has lovely billiards room, with its 1970s hanging cocoon chairs, mahogany library shelves, and coffered ceilings.

A Dazzling Bar
Tracy’s living room is adorned with a shiny white marble-topped bar. The antique mirror inlaid into the ceiling and beautiful French doors open to veranda make it damn refined.

The Impressive Dining Room
Highly modern and majestic, the dining room is furnished with amazing dark walls and a 1970s vintage Italian chandelier along with Missoni window treatments.

A Resort-Level Pool Area
The pool and spa in the lush backyard enhance the richness of Tracy’s mansion. This area can be accessed by the residence’s guest house too.

The Lovely Kitchen
Tracy’s wide and the soaring kitchen is amazing for making one big open floor plan that is perfect for overflowing groups.

A Royal looking Outdoor Living Room
Tracy’s awe-inspiring residence has an outdoor entertaining area. It is furnished with its painted brick walls, blue stone patio, fireplace, and TV.

The features affirm the $24 million worth of Tracy’s luxury home. You must love to enjoy living here.

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