Modernist Architecture Masterpiece Designed By Marcel Breuer Is For Sale

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Marcel Breuer was a modernist architect who worked under Bauhaus founder—Walter Gropius. He got popularity being a champion of the modern movement. He made a modernist architecture masterpiece, a model home, in 1949 for an exhibition at New York City’s Museum of Modern Art that had a focus on modern architecture and the rise of suburban living.

In 1953, he recreated the house for Vera and George Neumann on a secluded lot in Princeton, New Jersey. A few years earlier, it was purchased and renovated by Ken Sena and Joseph Mazzaferro. This single-family house in a wooded village in New York state, took two years, from 2014 to 2016, for renovation. This project of renovation won a nomination for the Design Award 2017 at the Docomomo Modernism Awards.

When Ken Sena and Joseph Mazzaferro purchased the modernist architecture masterpiece, it was still in its original condition, as Marcel Breuer designed it. Ken Sena and Joseph Mazzaferro said: “We found it as it had originally been conceived by Breuer in the 1950s for the Neumann. A spacious machine à habiter with no adornments, based on a sum of concatenated and interconnected volumes on a single level under a flat roof: the main wing, the guesthouse connected to a sloping stepped structure, the internal pool house built afterward as an appendix, and the outdoor pool cut into the stone perimeter of the terrace made at a lower level, following the slope of the terrain.”

While renovating the modernist architecture masterpiece of Breuer, they tried to keep it with Breuer’s design. They have considered the sort of materials used by the modernist architect for this village house — steel, wood, glass and walls’ white plaster. They have not overlooked the idea of the open plan, the location of the studio and the kitchen alongside the living-dining area, in an unceasing indoor-outdoor relation. Other main things to keep in mind were adults’ and kids’ habitat spaces, with separate entrances, the design of the five bedrooms, the unique dazzling floors.

Now, Breuer’s modernist architecture masterpiece of a home is on the market for sale in $1.2 million.

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