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  • Can't afford to make repairs?
  • Thinking of downsizing
  • You owe back property taxes?
  • Sick of the upkeeps and headaches that come with ownership?
  • Are you heading towards foreclosure?
  • Thinking of relocating to be near your children?
  • Need to sell an inherited or unwanted home?
  • Are you facing marital issues or divorce?
  • Will your house simply not sell?

Yes, we’ve all been there. And the truth is, trying to sell your house for top-dollar through the traditional means, sheer persistence, patience, thick-skinned immunity to rejection just doesn’t work anymore. A lot of challenges and headaches come into play here.

Selling your house through traditional methods can take months and in some worse case, years, and that’s if it sells AT ALL. And that’s not counting the headaches, money, jumping through a lot of hoops just to get the house “ready to sell”.

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We are an established company dedicated to helping distressed homeowners prepare and sell their home in a ridiculously short amount of time, еxіt for tор-dоllаr, and reach their target. We are not shy about working hard to sell houses all throughout California. We cover Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange County, and Northern California areas. Our only mission is to satisfy and put a huge smile on the face of every client that walks through our door. If you keep reading every single word of this message, we could make selling your house more pleasant, lucrative, and even FUN. And we could do it virtually overnight – just like we have done for hundreds of people.

The Last thing You Need Now Is another Real Estate Agent Charging You a Fortune

We Take Care Of All the Closing Costs and Will NEVER Charge You A Dime! If you’re trying to sell a house and desire the confidence to know that you’ll achieve your desired goals and get a mouth-watering offer vs. hoping that by some miracle things will finally go your way… …then you know how important it is to maximize every opportunity and put your best foot forward. Now, there’s no reason to wing it and risk leaving thousands, tens of thousands… if not millions on the table. Wе саn sell your house FASTER and MORE PROFITABLE thаn ANY оthеr fіrm around the glоbе. And that’s not us bragging. That’s a promise.

What would You Rather Do: Frustrate and Overwork Yourself Or…

Listen: the way we see it, you’ve really got only two options:

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Hear from real people like you and their experiences

How I sold my house for cash in 21 days

When I heard them say "We will buy your house cash and in any condition" I kind of thought, "what's going on here, how is this possible"? At the time we were selling our house through probate after the passing of a family member and had been struggling to find buyers (nearly 3 months on the market).

We'd get the occasional buyer walk through's but nothing would stick as most feedback they'd give us was either our house was too expensive for the market or that we needed to move out and add our own expensive repairs to our house upwards of $10k in costs we couldn't afford.

I'm going to tell you about my personal experience with selling to an investor buyer and offer you a chance to work with the same people I did and other similar buyers and you can see for yourself that it actually works.

Why selling to an investor buyer worked for me

-O.L. Inland Empire, CA

Top 10 To-Do Before Selling Your House

Thinking of selling your house yourself? Then it's time to prepare your house for a great first impression for potential buyers, especially if you plan to sell a house as is. If you're working with a real estate agent, ask them for some guidance for enhancing your home's presentation before you put your house on the market. Before you ask "how much will i make selling my house?", trying to sell your house yourself isn't as easy as just asking for cash for your home.

Create and pursue a checklist of the things you must do when preparing to sell your home to prepare your house in the presentation department. Remember if you feel yourself saying "I need to sell my house", it's time to ask how does we buy houses for cash work? How to sell your home without a realtor is still real work when getting your home ready to sell a home for cash. Common questions are how to price your home, finding buyers who make cash offers for home, tips for selling your home fast, and how to find companies that buy houses for cash?

In this article we outline ten useful strategies for getting your house ready to sell. These include, how to find companies that buy houses in any condition, preparing a house for sale, how to sell your house for cash, and useful steps for staging your home for sale to increase the value of your house. Some of these home selling tips are surprisingly easy to do while some might need a bit more effort.

The following are the 10 things to always remember when it's time to put your house on the market.

  1. The best way to sell your house, start by welcoming the buyers.
No matter if you're working with a local real estate agent or selling your house as is, you should make your front door accessible and visible to potential buyers, so paint the door, cut the grass and clear debris from the walkway and yard.

To attract attention from the street, you can plant colorful perennials. Replace your doormat and repair the broken doorbells, screens, roof tiles and outdoor lighting.

It can lead to a poor first impression on buyers if you don't fix the exterior defects.

  1. Disassociate Yourself From Your House.
It is time for you to remove your belongings from the property and think of the sale as a business transaction, once you have decided to sell your house on the market.

You should remove any distractions in order to make the buyers visualize themselves and their family living in your house.

  1. Make It Sparkle And Shine- Inside And Outside.
Deep cleaning can win points with buyers because cleanliness implies a home has been well taken care of. Buyers inspect homes, particularly bathrooms and kitchens.

To give these grime-prone rooms a clean and fresh look is to repaint them and then clean some more. Take special care with the bathroom and kitchen by making sure the sink, tiles, shower, and floors shine if you want your home to look spotless.

  1. Repaint Walls Wisely.
Maybe you might prefer to repaint your walls with pink accent, but turns out that's your potential buyer's least favorite color, so it could be a turnoff for them.

House selling is challenging, especially when faced with several dozen potential buyers. They all have their own tastes and can lead to trying to please eveyone which doesn't work. When selling real estate, try to always lean towards neutral colors when painting or decorating your walls.

  1. Touch Up Any Scratch Marks.
Pay much attention to scrubbing and touching up walls, baseboards, and doors, even if you are not doing a full-on repainting of the whole interior, in order to make the house sparkle and look cared-of. It's up to YOU to make changes and put in the leg work if you want to learn how to sell a home without a realtor.

  1. Lighten Up.
Change the decorative light fixtures if they no longer suit your home's fresher and cleaner look. Put in new bulbs with suitable lightning for specific areas of your home.

Focus on things such as low-key lighting filling a room, or on task lighting for cozy areas for a reading corner. To highlight focal points in a room, you can use accent lighting to draw your potential buyer's attention to certain selling points such as unique artwork above a mantle.

  1. Add Some Decorative Plants.
It's always a nice touch if you set the table with fresh and decorative flowers in the kitchen or on the dining room table.

To add a fresh sent, you can quickly assemble your table right before a showing or an open house, allowing a breeze to carry the organic feel of your perennial plants.

  1. Hide Valuable And Unsightly Everyday Items.
Do not leave your children's toy or pet belongings out in the open during open houses.

Before showing or open houses, you have to put all the animal crates, pet dishes, kid's entertainment, toys and litters to less eye-catching areas of the home like your house garage or outdoor storage unit.

In addition, also be prepared to properly store the things like dirty laundry and dirty kitchen utensils or cleaning supplies.

  1. Window Frames.
To enhance your house's natural brightness and to boost the appearance of your home, you have to ensure that you have the right window treatments.

It also brings emphasis to a room's temperature because they can reduce or increase the amount of light passing through its area. When showing your home in the mornings, afternoon and evenings, you have to adjust to treatments appropriately.

  1. Don't Forget Your Backyard.
Maintain your backyard so it's looking functional and spacious. Keep the landscaping trimmed and neat with plant colorful plants, green grass, and auspicious flowers.

Finally, you want to keep your grounds clean to keep your buyer's comfortable while touring your yard. That means you have to consistently pick up after your pets (and your own family).

Being ready for the buyer's inspection is one of the smartest things a seller can do. By being aware that sometimes the small things can destroy a potential buyer's trust should energize you to pay attention to details. Oftentimes the sale of your house will fall apart at the home inspection portion compared to any other point in time during this transaction.

However, inspections aren't always required, especially when dealing with an investor buyer who claims "we buy houses for cash". These are business people who promise to sell your house fast and intend to buy and sell houses for profit.

How Does Selling a House Work?

When you sell your house yourself it can either be tough months trying to sell your house in a buyers market or getting lucky with a fast home offer netting you cash for your house.

So it means that you have to consider the most common issues for home inspections, property repair, and quickly dealing with them beforehand. No matter how prepared you are to sell real estate, you'll always be questioning "how do i sell my house?", "can I sell my house fast as-is with fsbo (for sale by owner)?"

You can sell your home yourself and be prepared to work hard, get an investor buyer and sell your home faster, or hire a realtor and pay a cut of your profits to a home that might've sold itself. How much does homevestors pay for houses? Frankly I don't know, but at We Get Properties we are always looking to sell our homes fast, while getting you close to market value whenever possible.

Study your competition when getting a house ready to sell. Check out your neighborhood comparable prices to get a better idea how to price your home. We all would prefer selling a house for cash, but it's time to consider all options. I was in your position before and would think about "how much can i sell my house for"? Find home value calculators.

Sometimes buyers end up rejecting your house because of very specific (or nitpicky) issues. So it's important to address problems and issues if you're aware of any of these, before putting your house on the market.

Learn more home seller tips at our real estate blog